Lanyu is situated 49 nautical miles south east of Taitung, 
with a surface area of approximately 45km2
the entire length of the road encircling the island is roughly 37 km. 
The island has a population around 4000 people, 
however, many young people leave the island for 
studying or working, there is only 1500 people stay in the island.

The climate on Lanyu is warm and humid through the whole year. 
The best time to visit Lanyu is “Fly-fish Festival”, which is from March to July. 
You can also come to Lanyu from August to October.
 Usually, many restaurants and shops will be closed 
after “Double-tenth Day”(October tenth) until next March.
 So, winter is not the good time to observe the island.

 There are 6 tribes (villages) in Lanyu. 
You can drive on the 37km main road which is encircling the island, 
and the 5.7km traversing road, too. In order to adapt to the climate 
. Tao people have their own tradition and life philosophy. 
You will see their underground house, 
workshop and balcony in the farm when you look around the island.

 The symphony of Lanyu’s ecology is awaiting you to discover!
 You will see tropical forest, wild lily (in spring), Birdwing Butterflies,
 Lanyu Scops Owl…,and much more . 
Don’t forget raise your head to watch the milky way at night.

 We suggest you to plan at least 2-3 days trip to visit Lanyu.
 It’s like a forgotten pearl on the
Pacific Ocean .


Reference: Tour Taiwan
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